Sunday, March 25, 2007

Useful books and other publications on herpetiles

I have only just started this (March 2007), so be patient while the list grows. If you know of any publication you think worth adding to this list, please e-mail me Patrick Roper on

Further details of any title can usually be found on the Internet.
  • Angel, F. (1946) Faune de France 46. Reptiles et Amphibiens. Librairie de la Faculté des Sciences, Paris. Also available on-line.
  • Arnold, E. N. & Burton, J. A. (1978) A field guide to the reptiles and amphibians of Great Britain and Europe. Collins, London.
  • Arnold, H. R. (1995) Atlas of the Amphibians and Reptiles in Britain. ITE research publication No. 10, Monks Wood, Cambs. (Available from HMSO, London)
  • Barker, Mike & Elliott, Mark (2000) Sussex Amphibian and Reptile Group Millennium Report. Sussex Amphibian and Reptile Group, Hurstpierpoint, West Sussex.
  • Beebee, T. (1983) The natterjack toad. Oxford University Press, Oxford.
  • Beebee, T. (1985) Frogs & Toads. Whittet Books, Stowmarket, Suffolk
  • Beebee, T. & Griffiths, R. (2000) Amphibians and Reptiles. HarperCollins, London.
  • Bennett, D. (1999) Expedition Field Techniques. Reptiles and Amphibians. Expedition Advisory Centre, Royal Geographical Society, London
  • British Herpetological Society (n.d.c. 1990) Surveying for Amphibians. British Herpetological Society.
  • Clegg, John (1965) The Freshwater Life of the British Isles. (Third edition). Frederick Warne & Co. Ltd, London.
  • Cooke, A. S. & Scorgie, H. R. A. (1983) The status of the commoner reptiles and amphibians in Britain. Focus on Nature Conservation No. 3. Nature Conservancy Council, Peterborough.
  • English Nature (1991) Facts about amphibians. English Nature, Peterborough (A5 leaflet).
  • English Nature (2001) Great crested newt mitigation guidelines. English Nature, Peterborough.
  • Frazer, J. F. D. (1983) Reptiles and amphibians in Britain. Collins, London.
  • Foster, J. (1999) Management of grassland for reptiles and amphibians. In Croft, A. & Jefferson, R. G. (eds) Grassland management of species (Chapter 13.6) in The Lowland Grassland Management Handbook. 2nd edition. RSPB, Sandy, Bedfordshire. Also on line here.
  • Gent, T. & Gibson, S. (2003) Herpetofauna Workers' Manual. Joint Nature Conservation Committee, Peterborough.
  • Griffiths, Richard (1987) How to Begin the Study of Amphibians. Richmond Publishing Company.
  • Hansen, Elvig (trs. Simon, Noel) (1986) Birth of Toads. J. M. Dent & Sons Ltd, London & Melbourne
  • Herpetological Conservation Trust (2006) The British Amphibians and Reptiles. Ecology and Conservation. The Herpetological Conservation Trust, Boscombe, Bournemouth (Free A2 leaflet and wall chart).
  • Langton, T, Beckett, C. & Foster, J. (2001) Great Crested Newt Conservation Handbook. Froglife, Halesworth, Suffolk.
  • Nature Conservancy Council (1983) The ecology and conservation of amphibian and reptile species endangered in Britain. NCC, Peterborough.
  • Nixon, Marion (1985) The Illustrated Book of Vertebrates. The mammals, fish, reptiles and amphibia of Britain. Peerage Books, London (originally published by Oxford University Press in 1972).
  • Oliver, G. (n.d.) Wildlife Facts. Frogs and Toads. The Wildlife Trusts. (Folded A4 leaflet).
  • Olsen,L-H, Sunesen, J. & Pedersen, B. V. (2001) Small Freshwater Creatures. Oxford University Press, Oxford.
  • A guide to the Reptiles and Amphibians found in the UK. A useful on-line resource.
  • Riddell, Anne (1995) Nose to nose with newts. BBC Wildlife Vol.13 No. 6, June 1995: 16-21 .
  • Simms, Colin (1970) Lives of British Lizards. Goose & Son, Norwich.
  • Thirion, J-M., Grillet, P. & Geniez, P. (2002) Les Amphibiens et les Reptiles du Centre-Ouest de la France, région Poitou-Charentes et départements limitrophes. Collection Parthénope, éditions Biotopes, Meze, France
  • Wisniewski, Patrick (1989) Newts of the British Isles. Shire Natural History Series.
  • Wycherley, J. & Anstis, R. (xxxx) Amphibians and Reptiles of Surrey. Surrey Wildlife Trust, Woking, Surrey