Sunday, September 03, 2006

Creating lizard hibernacula

In the June edition of British Wildlife, there is an interesting short feature on hibernacula for viviparous lizards, Zootoca vivipara, (aka common lizard, Lacerta vivipara) in the Habitat management news section.

This refers to the excellent Conservation Evidence website and two on-line papers available there:

Aldus N., Parmenter J. & Showler D. (2005) Creating hibernacula for common lizards Lacerta vivipara, The Ham, Suffolk, England., Case 180.

Creating a reptile hibernaculum, Newbury Bypass, Berkshire, England
Extracted from: Stebbings R. (2000) Reptile hibernacula - providing a winter refuge. Enact, English Nature (England), 8, 2, 4-7

Both are available here: conservation evidence.

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